America's Library: The Library of Congress

A Philatelic Exhibit Prepared by Larry T. Nix


The Library of Congress has the largest collection and the most extensive services of any library in the world. It serves the dual role of being the legislative library for the United States Congress and the national library of the United States of America. It is America’s Library. This Display Division exhibit tells the story of the history, services, and collections of the Library of Congress using a variety of philatelic and non-philatelic artifacts. During its 200 plus year history the Library of Congress has generated an enormous amount of mail, both outgoing and incoming. This exhibit provides a comprehensive look at the way the Library of Congress has used mail to carry out the programs and services of the library.


Synopsis of the exhibit


Exhibit Plan


    Title and Plan Pages (2 pages)
    Historical Overview (30 pages)
    Library Mail
        Outgoing - Domestic (8 pages)
        Outgoing – Foreign (4 pages)
        Incoming – Domestic (6 pages)
        Incoming – Foreign (6 pages)
    Copyright and the Library of Congress (24 pages)
    Library Services (16 pages)
    Library Collections (24 pages)
    Bicentennial Celebration (8 pages)


There are currently a total of 128 pages in the exhibit. Only selected pages from the exhibit are shown below.  Click on the thumbnail image to see full size page.


Title page




Plan page


















Historical Overview




Library Mail - Outgoing - Domestic




Library Mail - Outgoing - Foreign



Library Mail - Incoming - Domestic



Library Mail - Incoming - Foreign



Copyright and the Library of Congress




Library Services



Library Collections



Bicentennial Celebration



I often make posts to my Library History Buff Blog about items in my collection related to the Library of Congress, some of which are included in this exhibit.


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