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Library Anniversaries 2009

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160th anniversary of the passage of the New Hampshire law in 1849 enabling towns to establish tax supported public libraries (the first state to pass such a law). 

160th anniversary of the founding of the Astor Library in New York City.  The Astor Library merged with the Lenox Library and the Tilden Trust to form the New York Public Library in 1895.

125th anniversary of the authorization of a library school by the trustees of Columbia College in 1884, the first library school in America.

120th anniversary of the transfer of the library school at Columbia College to the New York State Library.

105th anniversary of the establishment of the Vermont Library Association.

100th anniversary of the move of the American Library Association to Chicago, Illinois

100th anniversary of the Special Libraries Association

100th anniversary of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

100th anniversary of the San Rafael (CA) Public Library
Centennial events

100th anniversary of the Burlingame (CA) Public Library

100th anniversary of the Glencoe (IL) Public Library

100th anniversary of the National Library of China

75th anniversary of the National Archives 75th anniversary website press release

60th anniversary of the Jamaica Library Service

40th anniversary of the Freedom to Read Foundation



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